Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Catch Up- What Happened To Spring?

Sorry an update has been way past due. I feel like this spring is just flying past me and I'm way behind. Perhaps I'm not, it may just be a perception. Anyhow, here is what has been happening here in the garden.

Spring is officially here, in fact this even feels a bit like summer- the ground is thawed, trees are budding, grass is green, and the garden has been tilled.

Inside, the green house is home to many snapdragons and viloas/pansies growing at various rates- some just tiny seedlings, some full blown plants. They all just grow at different rates it seems.

Under the grow light, I have started tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, and broccoli. I started these all a few weeks ago, but some of the tomatoes became very leggy, so I pulled them and planted a fresh batch of seeds last week. So, some of the cells are baren right now, waiting for germination to occur. Other than that, everything is growing nicely.

Outside, carrots and lettuce have been planted. When I tilled up the beds, I removed 4 giant parsnips- their crowns measuring 4-5 inches in diameter. Wow! They seem to have kept alright in the cooler weather underground.

Finally, a nice little suprise has sprung up in the landscaping rocks around the deck- it appears as though the pansies I had growing in pots toward the end of their life cycles last summer went to seed and spread their seed throughout the landscaping rock. Now we've got several cute little pansies blooming right up through the rocks. I haven't decided if I should pull them (as they're not where they're supposed to be) or leave them grow. They're very cute!

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