Friday, August 21, 2009

Giant Syrian- A GREAT BIG Tomato!

For all of you tomato lovers out there, I'd highly recommend this variety. This was recommended to me by one of my colleagues at the ER, and it is a fabulous tomato! We ate our first one last night (and today) and it was huge. I am quite certain this is the largest tomato I've ever grown- we estimate that it weighed between 3 and 4 pounds (we don't have a kitchen scale, so we compared it to dumbells weighing 3 and 5 pounds). We ate half of it last night for dinner, and I ate the other half today as my entire lunch- and I was stuffed. This is one LARGE tomato! And the taste, well that is just fabulous- great texture, fresh tomato flavor, the right amount of acidity- excellent flavor. My husband actually liked it better than the Cherokee Purple (the tomato of tomatoes according to many people in the tomato community) we ate the night before. And at that size, I was really pleased at its flavor, as well as its disease and crack resistance, and the plant's overall production. We've probably got another 20 pounds of tomatoes on that vine! Wow! Can't wait!

Here it is, the star of the week, the Giant Syrian Tomato (and you can see why it gets its name):
Another photo of the tomatoes we harvested yesterday (some only because they fell off the vine while picking others)- it is not as impressive here because you don't have the perecption of just how tall this tomato also was, but you can see its size compared to some fairly sizeable brandywines and other beefsteaks (incase you can't tell, the tomato in question is on the bottom left, heart shaped one- top left was also the same variety that fell off the vine prematurely when picking this monster).
Here's to many more Giant Tomatoes!! Cheers!


  1. That is one great looking tomato..we have only had one ripe one so far..but we may be further north than you..we live between Park Rapids and Detroit Lakes..nice to find a fellow Minnesota Blogger:)