Sunday, August 9, 2009

Giant Cucumbers

I had been waiting to harvest some of these next cucumbers until I tried the pickles I made 2 weeks ago so I could make changes to the recipe or decide the fate of the next harvest. Well, the pickles were delicious! So I left the cukes on the vine just a bit longer so that I would have a bit bigger, plumper cukes to use for pickles. Well there's a fine balance in cuke size as they do grow rapidly, and sometimes cucumbers are too big to make pickles from. Today I picked 13 cucumbers, 1 posperosa eggplant (which we had for dinner, pictured below sweating before grilling- yum!), and about a pound of haricot verts.
I'm planning to make more pickles with these cukes, I've got 6 quart-sized jars sterilizing as I type. I'm going to start with the smaller cukes, and as I get to cutting up the larger ones, monitor the seed size/texture as I am suspicious that these giant cukes will have more developed seeds, which isn't desirable for pickles. So, here come a few more quarts of kosher dills! Cheers!

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