Thursday, July 9, 2009

Aphid Wars

I discovered some aphids hanging out on the undersides of my soybean leaves a few days ago. . . and while they're not causing any major problems right now, I want them gone before they do. So, I've been chasing after them with soapy water in a spray bottle- but that hasn't been working very well. So today I got them good with my garden hose- I put it on one of the higher pressure spray settings and blasted those buggers. I think I got most of them off, but it's hard to tell- those things lurk around every corner! After the water blast, I applied another layer of soapy water. We shall see. . . . as long as they don't touch my tomatoes. ;)

The rest of the garden is doing great- I've got about 15 female cucumber flowers, but not a single male. . . I just need one. . . I think I remember having this problem 2 years ago with these cukes too.

Golf ball sized tomatoes on most of my plants, and so far no bacterial speck.

The leaf lettuce is still kicking.

Sugar snap peas are going gangbusters. I need to find some recipes to use them up.

Haricot verts- oooh, they're coming along. . . we will have tasty green beans on the table in a few days. yum!

Peppers and eggplant are starting to flower, and the Chilly Chili's have a few peppers even.

Carrots- wonderful greens, but nothing under the earth yet.

Marigolds- I love the jaguars, they look awesome.

Amber kiss and other violas are blooming too.

Giant Cactus zinnias are blooming and lots more buds coming! State Fair zinnias have buds

It's coming along! Can't wait 'til tomato season!

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