Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Tiny but We're Mighty

That's Haelei's slogan as a big running pointing dog half the size of the rest of the breed. Haelei is also our little 4-legged garden helper. She is always so excited when I ask her if she wants to go outside to garden with me. For the most part, she stays out of trouble, but when the plants are small, she has occasionally tried to walk through the beds. And when the tomatoes are ripening, she thinks, "ooh thanks Mom for growing these tennis balls for me!" She has grabbed a few right off the vine, and she LOVES to munch on the cherry varieties. Haelei loves her tomatoes so much that she even went as far as to dig under the garden fence last fall to get one of the sweet million tomatoes that had fallen just inside the fence. She can be naughty at times, but she is a complete pocket puppy (well at least a wannabe), and always a fun garden companion! She starts by checking out the new cucumber trellace I built today. . .
then making sure I've pruned my tomatoes properly,and checking on the new edamame seedlings.
She makes sure each and every plant is just right. . .
. . . then moves on to the next.
Her artistic flare is better than mine as she points out what a beautiful sight the lettuce is today.And informs me that my marigolds are blooming.Thanks Haelei for all your help!

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  1. Love your hydrangea picture!
    I still haven't had the heart to prune my tomatoes. But I considered it.