Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Tiny but We're Mighty

That's Haelei's slogan as a big running pointing dog half the size of the rest of the breed. Haelei is also our little 4-legged garden helper. She is always so excited when I ask her if she wants to go outside to garden with me. For the most part, she stays out of trouble, but when the plants are small, she has occasionally tried to walk through the beds. And when the tomatoes are ripening, she thinks, "ooh thanks Mom for growing these tennis balls for me!" She has grabbed a few right off the vine, and she LOVES to munch on the cherry varieties. Haelei loves her tomatoes so much that she even went as far as to dig under the garden fence last fall to get one of the sweet million tomatoes that had fallen just inside the fence. She can be naughty at times, but she is a complete pocket puppy (well at least a wannabe), and always a fun garden companion! She starts by checking out the new cucumber trellace I built today. . .
then making sure I've pruned my tomatoes properly,and checking on the new edamame seedlings.
She makes sure each and every plant is just right. . .
. . . then moves on to the next.
Her artistic flare is better than mine as she points out what a beautiful sight the lettuce is today.And informs me that my marigolds are blooming.Thanks Haelei for all your help!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I think I know why they call it "Sweet Million"

I have about a million volunteer tomatoes coming up in the be where my Sweet Million tomato plant was last year. They are coming up in bunches from where a few fruits had dropped. It is a pretty incredible sight.
The rest of the garden is coming along nicely. The greenhouse is put away, all my plants have been transplanted, and the extras given away. I have already pruned my tomatoes a bit, and have been enjoying lettuce and spinach for dinners. My chives are beautiful as well, blooming and very tasty. It shouldn't be long before I have sugar snap peas ready to eat. And not too long before I'll be ready to plant another round of seeds! Here is a tour of the garden and what is growing.
This is bed "E" for eggplant, right in the center. Haricot Verts all around it, spinach in the front, a few renegade onions in the back (must have come up from last year), and of course my snapdragons along the front left and other flowers throughout that are too small to notice right now.

This is Bed "L" for lettuce. Sugar snap peas in the background, leeks in the trench on the left, a few peppers on the right, cucumbers in the middle forming a circle amongst the grass weeds that need to be removed yet. Flowers scattered throughout, again too small to be seen right now.Next is Bed "T" for Tomatoes. You can see the millions of Sweet Million volunteers here, wow, taking over the Edamame beds. Also in need of some serious weeding! There are 4 tomatoes (intentional) in this bed, the Brandywine, Earl's Faux, Cherokee Purple, and Kellogg's Breakfast. Also in the front are parsnips, and the usual scattered small flowers.Finally, this bed had to be renamed this year. Last year it was bed "Z" for Zucchini, but I'm not growing that beast of a plant, so I'm sticking with the rhyme and calling it bed "C" for carrots. You can see the carrots with their very fine seedling leaves in the front, along with chives in the back, peppers, and 4 more tomatoes- Giant Syrian, Todd County Amish, Big Beef, and Lemon Boy. In this one you can actually see one of the marigolds in the front left corner. I'm pretty proud of these guys, I grew them from seed and I didn't even kill them in transplanting this year! (they snap easily). These ones have buds on them- I'm very excited to see them! And last but not least, the front perennial garden we planted last fall. This came out beautifully, with the help of the landscape designer at the garden center! The salvia is in full bloom and is so vibrant! The Peegee Hydrangea tree has a few missing branches from some strong winds we had this spring, but I think it should recover. I can't wait until it gets its blossoms!