Friday, May 1, 2009

May Day!

I finally had time to take some photos of the garden and the seedlings to share today. Things are really growing and it is definately spring time here in Minnesota (well it's about time). We'll start indoors, with the seedlings. Here is the grow light set up as of today:
I have done some rearranging of the seed flats to accomadate the height of certain plants (ahem, tomatoes- that's you). The tomatoes are about 5 inches tall now and have quite a few leaves. They seem to have bounced back from their setback, and once again Miracle Grow is my friend. :) hehe Just look at how much they grew in the month of April! (compare to last month's photos)
a different view:

Here are their cousins, the eggplant and peppers, along with a few flowers (left to right: rosemary, marigolds, zinnias, serrano and big early bell peppers, chilly chili peppers, um, one cell of thyme, and the prosperosa eggplants):

Here is the other half of that flat (with some overlap), the amber kiss violas (2 rows), historical mix pansies, rosemary, marigolds, and zinnias):

Moving outside into the garden now, here is the raised bed garden from today:

The (I think) tulips and daphodils that never made it last year (hail storm), looks like they're doing alright this year. We'll see what they are once they bloom, haha:

My lettuce is coming along pretty nicely. There are 3 varieties- mix, green and red leaf lettuce, only two of which are shown here:

And the garden superstars (at least right now), the chives- these are huge, over a foot tall:

Now leaving the raised bed garden, here is my hybrid tea rose that is starting to green up- suprisingly hardy for its kind. It has handled 2 really long, cold winters, a hail storm, 2 transplantations, and tons of abuse in the past 3 years and it keeps coming back for more!

Even the man garden is doing well (this is Bjorn's garden- full of natural prairie type plants- grasses, fescue, sedum, salvia, and sage):

And moving on to the front of the house, here is our front garden which we just planted last fall. You can see the peegee hydrangea tree's trunk (not doing anything yet), coral bells, yew in the back, dwarf spireas, salvia, and some other pretty stuff that I don't know. I just hope it all comes back (there were also some hostas and astilbe there, but they're late in rising, so we'll see if they grow- this is more of a shaded garden being on the north side of the house):

And finally, last but not least, my favorite photo of the day. These beautiful hydrangea flowers are still on the branches from last fall. They are so gorgeous and intricate, you can't help but love them!

Well that's about it for the photo tour. The last of the seeds (for the pre-last frost round) have been started either indoors or out and everything seems to be doing pretty well, despite the scare we had with mold (which seems to be harmless) on the seedling cells. All of the trees have buds, the grass is lush and the bunny rabbits are out in full force. It it looking like a beautiful, but late, spring here in Minnesota, with last frost only 2 weeks away for these happy gardeners. Cheers!

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