Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Means Planting Time

And new garden accessories! Thanks Mom for this CUTE patina watering can pig! I think I'll call him "Wilbur." He is currently filled with Easter candy (yum!), but he will soon be an inspiration to my garden and will help me water the plants near the house.
Anyhow, today I got some planting done outside! I planted carrots, parsnips, spinach, lettuce (3 varieites), and sugar snap peas. Yay! I planted rather haphazardly, but that's why seed packets only cost $1- so that I can afford to thin the plants once they sprout!
On another happy note, my tomatoes have fully recovered from their slump! With a little fertilizer and an adjustment on the grow light, they've made huge improvements in just 1 week! I knew I loved fertilizer! :) Compare before (top 4/6) to after (bottom4/13):

Monday, April 6, 2009

Slow to Mature?

Here's what's going on so far (for comparison to previous photos):
Things are growing, but not as fast as it seems they grew last year. I'm wondering if this has to do with the warmth/humidity factor? They're not super warm in the office here (usually when I turn on the space heater the temps are in the upper 60's), and no humidity domes either, but they have lots more light than in the past. The tomatoes are getting their first real leaves, most of the peppers have germinated, the artichokes and leeks are doing fabulously, and I finally got some rosemary to germinate and that looks good too. But my violas are a little pale, and seemed bigger at this time last year. My snapdragons are almost invisible- I'm planting a few more of those seeds in a seperate container and going to try a little warmer/more humid setting for them upstairs in the bathroom and see if they like that bigger because they pretty much germinated then died. I wonder if they don't like the potting soil I used this year as much as last year? Some of my tomatoes are getting their first real leaves, but many of them have yellow leaves, or leaves that are shriveled up- too much water or too little?
I've got great root development, most of the tomatoes have roots down into the watering tray. But I must admit I've been neglecting them a little bit this year with the convenience of the grow light, I don't have to turn them every day or anything, just water them every couple of days and they're good to go. But I can't figure out why they're not growing as well as they did last year?
Well I don't think Vincent has much to do with it, but here he is, my garden keeper, or should I say, my garden eater. Gotta love 'em!