Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thawing. . .

I dug these beasts out of the ground today! Tomorrow creamy parsnip and leek soup is on the menu!
The raised beds are starting to thaw (mostly on the top and around the sides where they are exposed to the nice warm air), and there was enough loose soil in some of them to do a little hand tilling. I picked up some horse manure from the pasture yesterday as well that I added to the beds. I will give them a little while to decompose on top, then once the rest of the bed thaws, it'll get mixed in. I was happy to get back into the garden today, though my hips are aching from digging those parsnips- I must be getting old!
Oh- and a nice little suprise I found in the garden today- see if you can find it, like Where's Waldo- I think this might be a tulip or a daphodil- spring is coming! Cheers!

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