Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring is Coming!

It is absolutely beautiful outside- 65 degrees and sunny! Naturally this weather is making me quite anxious to get started in my garden, so I headed back through the mud and the remaining bits of snow (which should be melting quite soon) to check it out. The soil has settled out over the winter, with the dried leaves rising to the top. They are warm and soft, but the dirt below is still frozen. I took at look at my parsnips, which are still waiting for me in bed "T," and they are iced in yet. I will re-check them in a few days to see if my harvesting chances are improving. Should be soon! I do stand corrected, however, on my dates- the first day of spring is not until March 20th, this Friday.

The seedlings are coming along nicely. The violas and pansies are growing beautifully, most of them have at least 2 sets of leaves. The snapdragons are such teeny tiny little seedlings, but they are coming along wonderfully as well. My artichokes have been a little bit adventurous- my germination rate has only been at about 60-80%, and two of the more mature seedlings just came down with some sort of black slimy fungus, so I had to pluck those two and try two more. The leeks are shooting up very nicely, all about 3 inches tall and ready to have the humidity dome taken off. The only problem with that is my rosemary. I am having a heck of a time getting it to germinate. I've re-planted it twice now, after nothing had germinated after 3 weeks. I came to the conclusion that perhaps my packet of seeds was bad, so I bought another, and planted about 5 seeds per cell. Surely something has to germinate soon. . .

In the other flat, tomato seedlings are sprouting up by the day. Currently the seedling varieites that are up include the Grape, Roma, Brandywine, Big Beef, Earl's Faux, Lemon Boy, Kellogg's Breakfast, and Cherokee Purple. Still no sign of Celebrity, Giant Syrian, and Todd County Amish. It has been a little cold in the office due to brutally cold temperatures outside lately, so I will give them a little more time to think about germinating before re-planting. No peppers or eggplants yet.

So far the set up is going smoothly, and I've only locked the cat in the office once. ;) Soon the cold-weather outdoor planting will begin! Cheers!

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  1. Hello! I ran across your blog after clicking on Weimaraners. I have two myself, as well as a horse (an Arabian named Caspian). I'm starting my first real veggie and flower garden this spring, so I'm excited to see updates on your garden as well!