Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The violas/pansies have germinated! I just love seeing those teeny tiny little green leaves. Still waiting for the pokey rosemary to come up, but that should be soon. The leeks are growing nice and straight under the grow light, and some are already an inch tall! Luckily I only filled their cells about half full so I can add to them as needed.

I have been a little nervous about my tomato grower's supply order and why it is taking so long, assuming that the post office must have lost it. Well, so I called today and found out that they are so busy right now that everything is about a week behind, so it didn't even get sent out until late last week. So I should be receiving it soon. Whew, that's a relief. Very interesting that their business is up so much, I guess people are trying to grow their own stuff this year to save $$ at the grocery store. Can't blame them, seeds are just a fraction of the cost of buying tomatoes at the store and you get way more. Plus they're tastier and you can try some great varieties. So I'm waiting patiently, relieved that my order is in route.

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