Friday, February 13, 2009

Signs of Life

Well there is a sign of life in my seed flat. One teeny tiny leek seedling sprouted yesterday- it looks a little bit like a worm right now, mostly white with just a teeny bit of green at the end. It is the only thing up of 30 seeded cells. Of course I expect most of them to take a while to come up, hence why they need to be started so early. So, I turned on the grow light, 16 hours/day and my set up seems to be working wonderfully so far. All the animals (2 dogs and the cat) are gathered in the office now whenever they get the chance because the we have a space heater in there to keep the temps a little warmer than the rest of the house (we only run it in the evenings when we're home), and we are keeping it shut off from the rest of the house so the animals don't get into the plants- so they're curious as to what is going on in there! Anyhow, it still is not the most interesting sight in the world right now, so no photos yet, but I promise I will post some when more things start to pop up out of the soil! Waiting patiently- cheers!

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