Monday, February 9, 2009

Seed Mail!

I got my seeds from Seed Saver's Exchange in the mail today- a big packet of Fin de Bagnol (haricot verts), a pack of Giant Syrian tomato seeds (my co-worker's all time favorite tomato), Historical Pansies mix, and 2 varieites of Soybean for Edamame- Envy and Shirofumi.

To be relatively even with the other pansies, I planted 1 row (5 cells) of the Historical Pansies today.

Hopefully the office "greenhouse" will go well. So far so good- we're keeping the door shut so the cat can't get in here to eat stuff (he's a plant eater and a general destroyer- as are the dogs), and the running the space heater once in a while to make sure it stays warm enough (preferably above 65 degrees for germination- and this basement office can get a bit on the chilly side at times.

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