Saturday, February 21, 2009

Photos as Promised!

I finally took some photos of the grow light set up and my one seed flat today. So without further ado, here is the set up- the grow light is 4 feet long and has 2 bulbs inside. There is enough space to fit 4 flats under it if i turn them the short way- I'm hoping that once I have that many flats going, that will be enough light. The light is on a timer and is on for 16 hours per day. I lined the carpet below the set up with painter's plastic, and set up 2 wooden platforms that my husband made last year (actually really cool- they are cedar decking put together with a little space between each board, and sitting atop 2 small perpendicular runners to keep them up off the ground- these are intended to put under the pots that I put on the deck or the porch- so that excess water can run down through the boards, but yet it keeps the pots up off the deck, preserving the wooden deck- genius!), one at each end, with a piece of plywood over the top- we just happened the have the PERFECT size to fit under the light stand. Then we clamped the plywood to the wooden platforms below and voila! a perfect set up for seed starting. I also have a space heater in this room, which I run in the evening to try to maintain the temperature between 65 and 75 degrees for ideal germination and growth. In a cold basement office, it can get a bit chilly down here. In the photo you can see my other flats and cells waiting for their turn, and of course a spray bottle full of water for misting the top of the soil as needed.

And now for the stars of the show- the seedlings! The leeks are getting pretty big- some of them are already 2 inches tall! And Of course when you try to plant one seed in each cell, inevitably, some cells grow 3 seedlings and some grow none. I will attempt to transplant some of these seedlings into their own cells later once they get a little bigger. Still no rosemary, but that will take 2-3 weeks to germinate.

It also looks that according to my planting calendar, we are at 12 weeks now, and therefore, more seeds will be ready to start! Particularly snapdragons, but I'll double check my list to see if anything else is ready to go. Update on that tomorrow.

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