Sunday, February 8, 2009

The First Seeds of 2009 Have Been Sewn!

Gardening season is officially underway here in Minnesota! Today we prepared the growing area with my new grow light that I got for Christmas (Thanks Mom and Dad!). We lined the carpet in the corner of the office with plastic, and put down a few pieces of wood with plywood over the top to serve as a growing table under the light (the light is adjustable- the table is not). I got jiffy-strips at Home Depot last month to fit in the trays that I already have. They fit 50 cells to one tray, and I can fit 4 trays under my light pretty nicely. So I prepared 1 whole tray with seed starting soil, watered from the bottom, and spritzed the top with a spray bottle. Let that soak in on top of the dryer (while running for extra heat!), and then sewed the seeds, put the cover on, and tucked the tray away to await germination.

Here's what I planted today:
Amber Kiss Violas- 10 cells
Rosemary- 5 cells
Leek- 10 cells

The set-up isn't that spectacular right now, so no pictures yet, but once the plants start popping up, I'll get some photos. I still haven't completely nailed down a garden plan/layout, but I figure I can procrastinate that at least a couple more weeks while I'm waiting to start the other plants. I am just basing my current plantings off of what I grew last year, and the fact that I wanted more violas. Here's to happy growing- cheers!

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