Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Countdown Continues

Being that we are 12 weeks from last frost date according to my planting calendar, I started a few seeds today:
Snapdragons- 10 cells (I might need more. . .later)
Artichokes- 5 cells (thought I'd start early for their long growing season)
Leeks- 5 cells (needed more for Mom)

So I officially have 1 flat full. I keep worrying that I'm not going to have enough cells to start everything that I want to inside, but then I remind myself that I am using the small cells unlike last year, and instead of having 48 total cells as I did last year, I have 200 cells that I can plant! Whew, that makes it so much better. Plus, I have been collecting plastic containers that I can use if I want to for extras. And besides, most of the things (besides tomatoes and these few early crops) that I'm growing could probably be planted directly in the ground anyhow.

Looking through my garden spreadsheet, it became clear to me that I am in need of a few supplies that I will need yet this spring- I still need to pick up some parsley seeds, and I really should get one more flat (have the cells, just need the tray). For anyone trying to start seeds indoors, a spreadsheet such as this is essential to track the recommended planting dates, spacing, days to maturity, where you plan to plant them, and of course any extra notes on fertilizer or care). Well we're 12 weeks away, off and running- cheers!

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