Thursday, February 5, 2009

The 2009 Garden Kick-Off!

The seeds have been ordered, the trays have been pulled out of storage, the light is set up and the potting soil is waiting in the garage. Everything is just about ready to go for my 2009 garden kick-off. But there is one minor detail- this is early February in Zone 4a, and is way to early to start most plants, unless you have a greenhouse, which I do not. So I will wait another couple of weeks to start most of my plants, but some will be off to an early start- hopefully this weekend- violas and rosemary, perhaps some others as well. It has been averaging about 10-15 degrees for highs over the past couple of weeks and currently there is about a foot of snow and ice covering my garden beds. It will be a long while before anything gets planted outside, but the lengthening days are starting to feed that spring time dirt-digging itch, and we are all getting anxious to get outside and start growing something!

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